Wednesday, June 15, 2022

We Are Any Use Royalty Free Music - Need music for YouTube Videos, Twitch, Facebook, Plays, Elevator Music, or More, Look No Further!

Do you need music for your YouTube video, Twitch or Facebook account; play, restaurant or retail establishment; movie (short or long); online, television or radio commercial; ringtones or even software, games, or apps?

We can help you.  Any Use Royalty Free Music has a collection of 1,000's of song titles in various lengths.   

Feel free to download the music below for your projects.


5 - Techno (2012) - 1:22 - Style: Techno

10 - Electro (2012) - 1:38 - Style: Electronic

Ambiant Obscur Technology - Komiku - 2:34 - Style: Electronic

Ambiant Wait - Komiku - 1:45 - Style: Electronic

Dreamy Groove - Riffinfo_Iart - 2:56 - Style: Electronic 

Fractal Planetoid - *imp* - 4:00 - Style: Jazz

I Just Landed In Your Town - Memphis Slim - 3:43 - Style: Blues   

The Mysterious Body - Magdalen - 3:33 - Style: Pensive/ Indy 

9 - Jazz Music Tracks (zip)

6 - World Music Tracks (zip)

6 - Dubstep Music Tracks (zip) 

5 - Pop Music Tracks (zip)

3 - Experimental Music Tracks (zip)


Don't forget to download a copy of the Royalty Free License!


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  • $5.00 USD Downloadable (75 song/500mb) Any Use Royalty Free Music Collections Coming Soon!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Any Use Royalty Free Music - User License (pdf)

Here is a copy of the user license for all songs on the Any Use Royalty Free Music site.  Please present this license if you are challenged about the use of any song.


Please note:

  • All music on this website can you used in any manner listed in the User License. 
  • You do not have to credit the artist. 
  • No exclusive rights to the music is granted.
  • You cannot make a digital album with this music and sell on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, ect.